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An IRC-based chat bot API for connecting to ``s chat room services. The API is grounded in the C# programming language which means a basic level of the programming language is necessary for creating your own plugins. The base program includes seven vanilla plugins which can be used at will to get started: BasicCommands, lab, OnLoad, TimedMessages, Libs, Quotes, and Polls. 

There contains two forms of function: a GUI which contains a chat logger with basic colors for color-keying out the background as well as font selection acquired from the Windows fonts directory. Then a console version which enables direct input into the stream feed. Both versions contain at least a basic function for viewing a console that portrays all the messages coming through the network, e.g. which users have joined or left.

Disabling plugins takes the action of removing it from its root folder. Furthermore there is a crude method for compiling code into plugins using a C# v5 compiler which is directed toward within the `compile.cmd` file located within. README files explain the remainder of the information necessary for the function of the included programs.

Auxiliary Function

There is a plugin generator that is making its debut with this launch. It uses a basic grammar that will be developed over time to enable development without a strict knowledge of a computer programming language. For guidance, there is a README file describing details, as well as notes in the grammar file itself.


Created to theoretically run on both Linux and Microsoft Windows systems under the .NET Core framework. This means for both the GUI -- given the Linux system is using a graphical interface -- and Console formats.

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Both GUI and Console versions along with every update for the lifespan of this program.

IRC Network API
An API already plugged into the IRC networking code with programmed events for each basic process a chat message goes through.
Lifetime Updates
For when this program expands upon its usability and function.
Plugin Skeleton Generation
Work with a basic grammar to develop simple scripts without strict reliance on learning a programming language.
Vanilla Plugin Support
Trotbot comes with three vanilla plugins with features that provide the basics to get a chat bot up and running; these are being kept up-to-date for each new update.
GUI Chat Logger w/ Auxiliary Settings
Allows the functionality for changing font as well as colors for color keying the window background from the chat text which makes for possible chat window capturing.
GUI User List
A user list that updates upon user join and leave along with a search function.
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